Square Colored Jewelry hand fabricates geometric inspired designs out of premium metal and stones for you to wear casually or for a special occasion alike.

As a life-long crafter with family and friends, being focused on a single craft, jewelry making, has an immense gratification and sense of fulfillment. I have been making jewelry for more than 20 year. The early years of jewelry making included using needle and thread to string beads together into shapes, such as flowers, or wrapping wire around beads to connect them together or dangle. 

The next phase of expanding my craft includes taking courses to learn the art of cutting sheet metal, soldering, basic wax carving/casting and stone setting. These courses were taken from the local community college Adult Education program in Santa Barbara, CA around 2010. I also began building up my home studio once equipped with the skills from the classes. As a beginner metalsmith I found a world of possibilities open up for the kind of jewelry I could create, my creative brain was lit afire! Some of my original designs from this time are still holding strong and get remade again and again (with variation), because I love them! Eloise necklace pendant is one of those designs, specifically.  

In recent times, I have cultivated a store with artful variety. Many collections are continually being added to and new collection get developed all the time. Additionally, I have also been able to express a stronger geometric style with more collections.

Since 2017 I have ventured out to have this hobby convert into a full-on small business. 

About the store:

Jewelry is organized by collection. 
There are a variety of combinations, which include: metal (silver and gold for some pieces), media (metal and bead, metal and thread), color combinations (red and yellow, or green and blue, for example) as well as texture (matte and shiny tones) which come from a variety of inspiration. Nature, the beach, geometric shapes, the weather, color itself, paintings, and art all feed and inspire my soul, guiding my creative process. I believe the color of the world needs celebrating, so I express that through the pieces of jewelry I make. Please browse to see how this is true. 

Square Colored Jewelry is an artful expression of real and semiprecious stones in various forms which is versatile for any person. in photos you can find the hand tools used, see me at work in the studio, and my booth when I "pop-up". Click over to the "Events" tab to see upcoming in person event with details of location/times/dates.

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