Square Colored Jewelry is an artisan metal, bead-work, semi-precious stone handcrafted unique pieces by a jewelry matchmaker for the everyday and the special occasions of life.

Thank you for visiting my site!! Jewelry is organized by collection. There are a variety of combinations, which include: metal (silver and gold for some pieces), media (metal and bead, metal and thread), color combinations (red and yellow, or green and blue, for example) as well as texture (matte and shiny tones) which come from a variety of inspiration. Nature, the beach, geometric shapes, the weather, color itself, paintings, art all feed and inspire my soul, guiding my creative process. I believe the color of the world needs celebrating, so I express that through the pieces of jewelry I make. Please browse to see how this is true.

I have been making jewelry for more than 20 year. The early years of jewelry making included matching beads together, or wire wrapping around beads to connect them together. These days I find my designs have evolved. Over time as my curiosity and expertises and knowledge have grown there has been an elevation in my choice of material to make the jewelry/art that I have in my collections today. Around 2010, I began expanded my skill base and my workshop to design and create metal-smithed jewelry. In the last few months, I have ventured out to have this hobby convert into a full-on small business. 

Square Colored Jewelry is an artful expression of real and semiprecious stones in various forms which is versatile for any person. 

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