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Earrings listed I “works like a charm” list Holiday 2019/2020 issue

Carmine earring featured in Vanity Fair UK “works like a charm” list, Holiday 2019/2020 issue

Various earring sizes. The S/M/L structural hoops are called Kandy and the colorful semi-precious and rough precious stone earrings are called Emma

The Quincy necklace and Bernadette earrings

Lydia necklaces, circles, squares, silver/silver, gold/gold, rose gold/rose gold or any combo there in!

Orange tones, bumblebee jasper Alicia bracelet. copper and silver Quincy necklace, white chalcedony Josie earrings, gold Karen necklace.

First appearance in Vanity Fair UK December 19, 2019 issue Ad spot

Vanity Fair UK Sparkle Revolution #33 December 19, 2019

Carmine earrings

Silver necklaces

Gold jewelry

Erin bracelets and earrings

Jodi necklace and Gina earring

Quincy earrings

Lori necklace

Carmine earrings

Krupa ring

Leesa wire wrapped bead earrings

Stackable band rings

Dana earring collectiom

Small Bernadette earring and Adrian necklace

Karen necklace pendant collection

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